The Passing of Stanley Pranin

stanley Pranin July 24 1945 - 7 March 2017For those who haven’t yet heard… Stanley Pranin Sensei passed away on March 7th 2017.
He spent his whole aikido life (over 50 years) researching the history and development of Aikido, and most of his findings, his interviews with famous Aikido and AikiJutsu masters over his lifetime have appeared in his magazines Aiki News, Aikido Journal, and more recently on his Aikido Journal website. He was the author of The Encyclopedia of Aikido, and numerous other books on Aikido history. Over the last few years he has been developing a system of training he designated as The Zone Theory of Aikido, introducing this at seminars around the world.
He was diagnosed with a severe stomach cancer early in January this year. Many Aikidoka and friends from around the world contributed to a medical fund to help him fight this cancer and although he remained positive throughout his illness it eventually got the better of him.
He will surely be missed by far too many people to imagine.
Vale Stanley…
July 24, 1945 – March 7, 2017.

Training schedule for 2017

May 6 – 7th – Cairns – State Training – Roland Sensei – grading-

May 13 – 14th  Warwick – TTC interstate Instsructor Robert Botterill Shihan

June 10th Gold Coast – State Training –  Graham Morris Sensei – grading-

July 9 – 15th – Sydney – Winter School

August – on hold – Samford – Interstate instructor – to be confirmed

September – to be confirmed – Cairns – Darren Sensei – grading-

October 14 -15th – Warwick – State Training – Graham Morris Sensei – grading-

November 11 – 12th Gold Coast – TTC interstate  instructor J Watson Sensei

Shodan for Lam

Summer school in Melbourne was an extremely succesful event with special guest Instructor Dojo Cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba, the great grandson of O Sensei.

Congratulations are due to Lam Nguyen who tested for Shodan and passed.

graham Sensei with Lam and Suzie

Graham Sensei with Lam and Suzie

Jason Bowring successfully tested for 1st kyu Saturday 18th March .

Congratulations Jason from all who attended the class.

Classes for Children on Saturdays


Children’s classes.

Saturday morning  class (8 am to 9 am), is still available

Instructor Dave Robinson has moved to Cairns and will not be taking classes. However the children’s class will continue.

The class will be shared between Lam and Peta who are quite happy to continue with the chidren, and who have taken this class before.

Note: Classes are available every Saturday.