John Litchen

Go-Dan Shidoin

DSC_2111 copy John having previously studied Karate for several years (Goshin Ryu) and having decided it was not for him because it focussed too much on competitions; he commenced studying Aikido in 1989 in Santiago, Chile while on an extended visit. His first Aikido teacher was Jorge Rojo (6th Dan and Technical Director of Aikikai Chile) who was such an inspiration that John and his son trained every day for the three months they were in Chile.

After returning to Melbourne Australia in 1990 he continued with his studies of Aikido with Aiki-Kai Australia under the direction of Sugano Shihan and his appointed senior instructors.

On retirement John moved to the Gold Coast to study with Graham Morris Sensei. He also took a general class once a week at Burleigh while training on other nights for 10 years before the group moved to Mudgeeraba. He continues to study and teach Aikido at Mudgeeraba. John was for many years the  secretary for Aikido Gold Coast Aiki-Kai inc. and is still a committee member.

John writes about Aikido and other matters. He is the editor of Aikido in Australia, the official newsletter for Aiki-Kai Australia, and has contributed articles to that journal as well as Aikido Today magazine in the USA, and Bujutsu International Australia. Some of his photos from the 40th anniversary summer school have appeared in Blitz Martial Arts Magazine.

He is the author of Cinematography Underwater (Oceans Enterprises), Convergence – Aspects of the Change (Zeus Publications), Fragments from a Life (Yambu), Attributes a Writer Needs (Yambu), Fragments that Remain (Yambu), A Floating World (Yambu), Aikido – Basic and Intermediate Studies (Trafford 2005 and Yambu revised edition 2013), and Aikido – Beyond Questions Often Asked (Yambu 2014). His latest book is Dreams of Mars – 130 years of stories about Mars (Yambu 2018).  As well as  Fragments from a Life, Attributes… and A Floating World, the Aikido books can be found on – and Book Depository…or in Australia all are available directly from the author, who can be contacted through the Gold Coast Dojo at Mudgeeraba, Queensland, Australia, or by post at PO Box 3503, Robina Town Centre, Queensland, 4230, Australia. email:

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