Very successful TTC training yesterday thanks to Graham Morris Sensei.

It’s always nice to get everyone together from around the area for a state training which helps us all gain valuable skills from other dojo’s.

I always try to train with black belts on these days to gain extra insights to help me be my best❗️

Aikido is not just about the training it’s about getting together, seeing old friends and sitting down at lunch and catching up to see how other dojo’s have been progressing. Seeing new faces, making new friends as they come through the ranks and helping to make their experience at practitioner the very best we can offer.



 We had our some near perfect grading with some of the best I’ve witnessed to 4th Kyu.

Congratulations grading to 4th Kyu from the Gold Coast dojo

Mai Muto
Neil Porth
Olexandr Bruyakin

Congratulations Luke from Samford dojo, grading to 3rd Kyu

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