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Special training days for 2018

special day 10 -6 17 2

 Coming up in May  26th and 27th, TTC in Warwick with Graham Morris Sensei. (6th Dan)

16th June Gold Coast is hosting State training with Graham Morris Sensei. (6th Dan)

24th June to 19th July the Mudgeeraba Dojo is closed for annual Art Show.

July, Winter school in Sydney.

11th to 12th August Samford hosts a TTC with an international instructor (to be confirmed)

6th to 7th October Warwick hosts State training with Graham Morris Sensei. (6th Dan)

3rd to 4th November, TTC with interstate instructor David Scott Sensei. (6th Dan)

 special day 10 -6 17 7

Dan Gradings

Congratulations to Russel Cosby and to Rae Ming Ong  who were promoted to 4th Dan at the January 2018 Summer School.

Classes for Children Saturdays and on Mondays


Children’s classes.

Saturday morning   8 am to 9 am

Lam Nguyen shodan, is the instructor for this class.

Starting this month a class will also be held on Monday afternoon from 4pm.

Peta will be taking this class.