Moriteru Ueshiba is the grandson of the Founder and is the 3rd Doshu. (Sandai Doshu) He became Doshu after the death of his father Kisshomaru Ueshiba in 1999, and brings to Aikido a life already filled with Aikido and instruction. He was for many years the Dojo Cho or the head of the Hombu dojo. As well he accompanied and assisted his father in many overseas teaching missions and is well known around the world. He too has written a number of technical books and produced many videos to promote and explain Aikido, and is continuing the international work his father initiated with much enthusiasm and acclaim.

Moriteru Doshu has visited Australia a number of times, the most recent being as a very special guest at Aiki-Kai Australia’s recent 50th anniversary summer training school in January 2016.

In this image, Doshu demonstrates morotedori kokyunage at  40th anniversary Melbourne Summer School, 2006.